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Managed Chef

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Setting up and operating a resilient Chef server architecture is not trivial: With the different Chef components, as well as Elasticsearch and Postgres experience is needed to prepare disaster recovery strategies and perform regular updates.

With our Managed Services team we operate multitentant Chef clusters on AWS in Frankfurt. And contrary to other service providers, all support and points of contact are in Germany as well. This enables you to use the Chef platform without worrying about the data privacy implications of support from outside the EU.

If your environment is bigger and you explicitly want a dedicated environment, we can offer our Managed Chef Enterprise product. Licensed by number of nodes and on a yearly contract, you get a fully managed environment and the flexibility to connect it to your enterprise-grade authentication solutions via SAML or OpenID connect.

Chef Server Offerings

Shared Responsibilities

Having a shared responsibility brings the most important part of daily work with an environment.

  • On-premises: You are doing everything on your own
  • Marketplace AMI: The vendor offers you the software installed on a VM and offers you the license (mostly pre-configured)
  • Managed Chef : Standard (by tecRacer): This allows you to rely on the expertise of tecRacer within a shared Chef Infra Server. So you can focus on the main topics: User Management and writing cookbooks.
  • Managed Chef : Enterprise (by tecRacer): Mostly the same like Managed Chef : Standard, just with the advantage of adding the user management to your already existing Active Directory.

Optional: Book Consultants to write the Cookbooks for you.

tecRacer as CHEF Principal Partner

tecRacer has been awarded Principal Partner status in 2020, the highest partner level of Chef.

With this status, Progress Chef only distinguishes those partners who have the highest level of expertise, have a major influence on the market and can master both small and large customer projects with confidence.

Parallel to this, the cooperation at conferences and user groups has continued to grow: tecRacer has created the Chef Usergroup Germany. The Usergroup will not only invite speakers from tecRacer and other companies, but also Chef employees from different countries have expressed interest in reporting on news and their experiences.

Chef and tecRacer complement each other since 2017 in the area of Progress Chef Professional Services, Consulting, Reselling and Training. The segment for the DACH area has been experiencing continuous growth for years.


  • Dedicated Hosts with Test Kitchen
    am 2. Dezember 2022

    Sometimes, you need to deploy software for tests with special licensing terms. To solve this, AWS offers Dedicated Instances and Dedicated Hosts - and now you can use them with Test Kitchen 3.14 in your developer workflows.

  • Test-Kitchen on AWS (2022 edition)
    am 2. November 2022

    Test-Kitchen is a tool to manage your test machine lifecycle, similar to HashiCorp Vagrant. While it has been developed with Chef in mind, it can be used with any development tool to test on new machines every time you change your code. As this tool continues to evolve and many examples are outdated, today I will give you some small snippets to reuse and get going quickly.

  • Logging Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
    am 22. April 2022

    Recently, I spent a lot of time using the exciting new member of the FSx family. One detail made working with it a bit unpleasant, though - the lack of log files. This post details how to create a custom integration into CloudWatch Logs and make ONTAP audit logs visible.

  • Airgapped Testing - VMware Edition
    am 22. November 2021

    Recently, I got a bug report for the kitchen-vcenter driver, which allows lifecycle management of testing VMs on VMware vCenter environments. Apparently, a customer tried to create a VM without any network interface. The problem was that this crashed in a very unintuitive way. But it made me wonder: Would it be possible to use non-networked machines for tests? It turns out: That’s absolutely possible!

  • Update your Style in Test Kitchen (Part 2)
    am 25. Oktober 2021

    It is time for a follow-up to my blog post from last year - especially as Test Kitchen 3.0 changed some defaults. Let’s check some cargo-culted settings out in this blog post.

  • Third Party Platform Support for Chef
    am 14. Oktober 2021

    Currently, users of Chef are limited to working with the platforms supported by the Chef core. But with the advancements of Target Mode, the story could change quickly. Learn about the idea of a “Platform Support Pack” and what it could mean for the future.

  • Testing Terraform with InSpec (Part 1)
    am 1. Oktober 2021

    While Infrastructure-as-Code slowly becomes omnipresent, many of the communicated advantages of the approach stay mostly unrealized. Sure, code style checks (linting) and even automated documentation get more common every month. But one of the cornerstones often gets ignore: testing. Let’s see which types of code testing are available and how to do it without writing too much code. The promise of the Infrastructure-as-Code (short: IaC) movement is to handle infrastructure just as if it was a program.

  • Insider Story - Terraformi
    am 21. September 2021

    We, as tecRacer, thrive on our individual and unique employees. In our new series “Insider Stories” Terraformi will tell you how it found its way to the company as well as how it experiences working for tecRacer.

  • Chef Technology Partner of the Year
    am 8. September 2021

    To our pleasant surprise, Chef awarded tecRacer the “2021 Technology Partner of the Year” title at the opening keynote of ChefConf 2021.

  • CDK Infrastructure Testing - Part 2a - Implement Unit, Integration and Application Test for CDK Infrastructure and an EC2 Web Server Application
    am 20. Juni 2021

    With CDK you create Infrastructure as Code - IaC. You can automate the test for the IaC code. The three test tastes -Unit, Integration and Application- should work closely together. Here I show you how. It is like the three steps of coffee tasting: 1 smell, 2 Taste, 3 Feel.

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